Fair WLAN backhaul aggregation

TitleFair WLAN backhaul aggregation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGiustiniano, D., Goma E., Toledo A. L., Dangerfield I., Morillo J., & Rodriguez P.
Conference NameMobile Computing and Networking, MOBICOM '10
Date Published09/2010
PublisherACM New York, NY, USA
Conference LocationChicago, IL, USA
ISBN Number978-1-4503-0181-7
Accession Number2

Aggregating multiple 802.11 Access Point (AP) backhauls using a single-radio WLAN card has been considered as a way of bypassing the backhaul capacity limit. However, current AP aggregation solutions greedily maximize the individual station throughput without taking fairness into account. This can lead to grossly unfair throughput distributions, which can discourage user participation and severely limit commercial deployability.

Motivated by this problem, we present THEMIS, a single-radio station that performs multi-AP backhaul aggregation in a fair and distributed way, without requiring any change in the network. We implement THEMIS on commodity hardware, evaluate it extensively through controlled experimental tests, and validate it in a deployment spanning 3 floors of a multistory building. THEMIS is being used in a commercial trial by a major broadband provider to its customers.